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BIRTHDAY: November 2, 1984
HOMETOWN: Half Moon Bay, California
RESIDE: Half Moon Bay, California

Amy Caron Interview (2003)

Hello Amy. How old are you? Where do you live? Are you currently attending school?

I’m 18, from Half Moon Bay and I am almost finished!!!

How long have you been skating and what got you started?

I have been skating for almost 7 years and just started because everyone else was doing it.

Last year you placed 1st at the Gallaz Skate Jam in Australia and won a Ford car. They wanted you to get in, start the car and honk for the stadium full of spectators. You ended up crashing it, what happened?

I didn’t cash it! I just bumped the car in front of me. Dave Carnie rigged the car, he put it in gear and took off the e-brake. I blame my mother David.

How did you get the car home and do you drive it? I thought you were a Camaro girl.

Oh yeah, I have had three camaros in my young life time. 1st camaro was red 85′ RS, 5-speed, flowmaster (all my maros’ gots to have flows). 2nd camaro, red, iroc, lowered, flows, it was a beast (2nd camaro R.I.P.) And now I am on my 3rd camaro 95′, green, RS, 5-speed, leather, t-top, flows. uhh huh!!!

You’ve had a house guest for the last year or so. How did Van end up on your couch?

I don’t know? She just hangs out, works, skates and lurks. She helps me out a lot. I try to take care of her.

Does Vanessa Torres live at your house too?

She did for like a week, then I started hearing these rumors that she takes peoples underwear and cigs. So I had to ask her to leave, but she is always welcome again.

Who are your sponsors?

Circa, Pig Wheels, Popwar Skateboards, 510 Boardshop and Speed Metal.

What tricks do you have to do to get sponsored? How many stairs can you ollie? Can you do a fandangle grind?

To get sponsored you gotta do FANDANGLE GRIND, for sure, if you don’t got’em go HOME!!!

Jaime Reyes calls you and Vanessa the “evil twins”, why? What happens when you two get together?

When Vanessa and I hang out there ain’t no stopping us. She is a punk.

Last words?

Thanks to Lisa, Van, Jill, Corey, Family, Squidly, Dandy (510) and Mike.

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