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SPOTLIGHT | Elizabeth Nitu

BIRTHDAY: June 18, 1994
HOMETOWN: Los Gatos, California
RESIDE: Los Gatos, California

Elizabeth Nitu Interview (April 2008)

How were you introduced to skateboarding?

I saw kids on my street skating and I thought it was cool.

What got you started?

I received a board for my birthday and from then on I just skated everyday.

What was your first set up?

A banana shaped, cheapy board from Target.

What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?

The best thing is it is a quite little town with no crime. The worst thing is that we don’t have a skatepark or good spots.

Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Soccer and basically just hang out with my friends. I also like to edit the tapes that my brother and I filmed.

Top 5 skateboarders of all time?

1. Alexis Sablone
2. Guy Mariano
3. Elissa Steamer
4. PJ Ladd
5. Marisa Del Santo

Top 5 skate videos of all time?

1. Blind “Video Days”
2. Enjoi “Bag of Suck”
3. Transworld “First Love”
4. Lakai “Fully Flared”
5. Villa Villa Cola “Getting Nowhere Faster”

Favorite new trick or trick you want to learn?

Nollie tres.

Do you prefer to skate with guys or girls?

I usually skate with guys, but I prefer to skate with girls when they are around.

Describe your dream session.

A spot with lots of ledges and stairs. It would also be cool if my friends were around.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

Anything that sounds good I guess, but I recently started listening to Johnny Cash.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m shy.

What do you have planned for this year?

Skate, film a lot, progress and probably skate some contests.

Shout outs and thanks?

My family for supporting me so much, my sponsors for helping me out, and you of course for getting me in the Villa Villa Cola video.

Sponsors: Bill’s Wheeels Skateshop, Volcom, Destructo, ES, Bones

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