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SPOTLIGHT | Alize Montes

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California
RESIDE: Los Angeles, California

Alize Montes Interview (April 2008)

How were you introduced to skateboarding? What got you started?

I got into it through snowboarding. My Mom put me on a snowboard when I was 3, then thought skating was a good way to keep up my skills in the summer.

What was your first set up?

A blank mini with Royal trucks and Bones wheels that my uncle gave me.

What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?

Best is all the skateparks…worst is NO SNOW.

Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Snowboard and color.

Top 5 skateboarders of all time?

1. Cara-Beth Burnside
2. Darrell Stanton
3. Andrew Reynolds
4. Tosh Townsend
5. Curren Caples

Top 5 skate videos of all time?

1. VVC “Getting Nowhere Faster” (AKA the cupcake video)
…I love all of them.

Favorite new trick or trick you want to learn?

Everything on the rails & stairs.

Do you prefer to skate with guys or girls?


Describe your dream session.

When the park is filled with rad skaters and everyone is killing it.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?


What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m very girly. I love dolls, stuffed animals and I wear dresses when I’m not skating. I dropped the skirts while skating…Haha!

What do you have planned for this year?

I want to really focus on my street skating and just progress.

Shout outs and thanks?

Laura at etnies, Bonnie at Volcom, Frank CGD, Rob at Bones, Lisa and Mommy. There aren’t enough words to thank you guys for the support.

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