Girls Skate Network

International Weekend

This weekend got off to a late start Saturday afternoon, so after sitting in traffic and a few wrong turns trying to 
get to the first spot we scratched the idea and went sightseeing instead. Esther and Jess just started their 3
month trip traveling around and were both in the states for the first time…where
better to start than Venice Beach
for some real characters, greasy food, and friendship bracelets?

Sunday we got a little earlier start and a pretty complicated logistics plan came together perfectly. Earlier in the 
week, I had gotten word that Anne-Sophie from the Skirtboarders crew in Canada was in town and Eloise was
 flying in on Sunday. After a couple of days of e-mails an texts we were all able to meet up at Esther’s hostile in
West Hollywood a few minutes apart and started the day off at the Bronson Banks.

Amy, Amanda and her puppy meet up with us at the banks.

After leaving the first spot we meet up with Liza and Ana Paula from Check It Out magazine and went to check
out a couple spots Amy had noticed earlier. Elo didn’t waste any time getting to business.