Girls Skate Network

X Games Weekend

I’m not sure everyone was feeling the course this year. A lot of good skateboarding went down, but it
didn’t seem
like everyone was as consistent of having as much fun as they did on a course like the
Maloof contest or prior
 X Games.

The podium girls…Elissa gold, Marissa silver, and Amy bronze. I also need to mention that Leticia
Bufoni was a stand out with tricks like tuck knees and kickflips over the bump to bump and back
smiths on the rail. She was in 2nd place going into the last section but slipped down in standings
after getting stuck on a kickflip down the double set.

Karen Jones took her first X Gold.

Holly Lyons didn’t skate this year due to injury and a couple other regulars weren’t able to make it, so
that gave a few of the young up-comers a chance to compete.

After the contest etnies Girls Get on Board held a clinic in the X Fest area. Lorena Lima stopped by to
help Courtney and I teach. This was one of the best courses to teach on yet. It had a good variety of
mellow obstacles to learn on. A few of the girls that had never stepped on a skateboard before were
dropping in by the end of the hour.