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San Francisco Day 1

We ended up having 2 full car loads of girls traveling up from LA and meet up with more friends once we
got there. Anne-Sophie and Éloïse got a rental car and picked up Margaux Walker and Annie Guglia
who flew in from Montreal, then they killed some time at the Culver city skatepark before going back to
the airport to pick up Renata Ruiz when her flight from Mexico landed 2 hours later. Once together they
waited at Ana Paula and Leticia’s house in Hollywood until I finished with work and picked up Amy. We
left LA at 8pm with a 6 hour drive ahead of us. A couple hours later while on the road we got a call from
Lacey who had a change of plans and wanted to join us, so we worked things out and picked her up
from the Oakland airport first thing in the morning.

After and early morning In & Out meal we meet up with Erica, Staycee, Jolie and Elizabeth at the Berkley
Skatepark where everyone got warmed up before going to the 3 up 3 down spot in downtown.

Let me just say that Lacey killed it!

Yeah Bagel!

Jessie Van Roechoudt met up with us too.

The next spot was a barrier under a bridge with a sketchy gap to go around.

Gas station glasses for all!

Blog Cam Footage SF Day 1