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Ellington Shoe Release Party

Ana Paula invited Lacey and I to join her at the Erik Ellington’s shoe release party at The Berrics. We
skated a couple spots before heading to LA to meet up. I was happy to see Lucianna there with her son
and 3 week old baby girl. We miss you on the skate sessions Luci!

Photo booth fun before the Supra $1000 Best Trick Jam down the 7.

The jam got pretty heated and most of the time there were 2-5 people going for the set at any given time.
If you didn’t land your trick you would have to dodge flying boards or someone about to land on you.
Lacey landed a switch 180, hard flip, switch heel and nollie heel down the set.

She also stomped a noseslide 270 shuv-it out on the hubba.

Ana Paula was impressed…and so was the crowd.

The judges couldn’t decide on a single winner, so the cash was split between Gilbert Crocket, Andrew
Pott and Lacey Baker.

Lacey’s best trick footage.