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LA With Lauren And Ana Paula

Lauren and I met up in Orange County, then drove out to LA to spend some time with Ana Paula who
has been a little lonely since Leticia went back to Brazil to visit family for a couple weeks.

We tried the Griffith Park ditch again, but most of it was still covered in mud and water.

Lauren warmed up on a little gap across the way. If it didn’t have the big crack, rough surface and land
into dirt it could be a fun spot.

I talked to Amy this morning and she told me about a new iphone application called iskateboard which
is a mobile skate spot directory. So I downloaded it and we spent part of the day checking a few of
them out. Amy couldn’t join us today because she had “homework” to do.

Doesn’t your school have skateboard lockers?

Or a mural like this?

Spot checking.

Filming a line for the blog.

The Wilshire rails have been knobbed and de-knobbed so many times that actual chunks of the rail are
missing now.

So they found a new way to skate proof the famous rails.