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Dew Tour Boston

This trip started with one of the most stressful mornings of my life. A car accident on the way to the airport left me stuck in
traffic for nearly an hour. I had to do some begging to get escorted to the front of the security line so I could make my flight
and make sure to be in Denver to meet Elizabeth for our connecting flight to Boston. Once we meet up and I knew she
wouldn’t be on the other side of the country alone I was able to relax. After checking into our hotel the Skirtboarder girls
came by for a visit.

The ladies street practice started at 8 a.m. so Elizabeth and I woke up extra early to give us some leeway to figure out the
train to the stadium.

It ended up being simpler than expected and we arrive and hour before the course opened.

It was really good to see International girls like Candy Jacobs in the mix.

Sarah Meurle, Leticia Bufoni and Abisha Alshebaiki hanging out between heats.

Sarah Meurle from Sweden also made her first appearance at a US event.

Alexis Sablone, Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres took the podium.

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins took time to interview Vanessa Torres for Fuel TV between skating the street finals and winning
the vert contest later in the day.

The recent progression on the vert ramp impressed the crowd.

Lyn-z was getting 540’s all the way around. I have a feeling we will be seeing this one soon.

The girls taking over the athletes lounge.