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SPOTLIGHT | Maria Falbo

BIRTHDAY: September 12
HOMETOWN: Sherborne, England
RESIDE: London, England

Maria Falbo Interview (2010)

Do you remember your first setup?

My first proper set up… Yes I do clearly, it was my main birthday present. Element deck, Tensor Trucks, Chocolate Wheels. It’s still in my garage chilling.

Were there any early influences on your skating?

Many influences, all the boys from my local town, A.K.A Girl Skater was on repeat everyday, Lucy Adams was a massive influence, and Getting Nowhere Faster too. The girls in the videos were my role models. Ha! I was apart of that new generation of girl skaters.

What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?

Ah, Sherborne. When I was growing up it was the best. Literally everyday after school we’d run to the skatepark and learn at least a trick a day. The worst thing, is that now everyone has moved away and the scene is no more.

But Manchester, is my new hometown, and the scene here is amazing. Good parks, loads of local rippers and a friendly scene. It’s all very northern up here!

Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Loads! I like to travel about when I can, and I’m constantly on a search for something new. That may be good or bad. I’m into all aspects of design, so spend quite a lot of time geeking about on my computer. I’ve set up a blog and lil’ clothing line., that takes up a fair bit of time. I rarely spend time alone. I like people a lot so constantly surround myself.

What is your typical day like?

I’m the worst morning person, it takes me about 3 hours after I wake to function like a human being. So I usually mince about online/eat breakfast/do emails blabla for about two hours, then I shower/get ready, grab a coffee, go to Uni, try and get stuff done, mince home, see friends/skate, food, bed. In the summer, I don’t really have a typical day. I try and mix it up as much as possible.

How is the girls skate scene there?

In Manchester its pretty weak. There are about 3 girls in total. But in the UK I’d say the scene is strong. There is a tight community of girl skaters, who meet up regularly. Lois and Dani have just set up Women’s Monthly on Facebook, so that all the crew get to meet up once a month and skate together. Its always a good laugh.

Where do you like to skate?

My favourite place in Manchester is Plattfields. Its an outdoor park. Its rarely dry though, so we don’t get to skate it enough. In general, Barcelona. Everything seems to make sense there. You can roll about from place to place with no trouble, and you’ll be sure to bump into at least 5 other girl skaters on your way. Amazing scene and amazing spots. The good Life.

Who do you like to skate with?

Manchester born and breds, Tyrone, Dave, Little Nick, Adam, Nev to name a few. And with the UK girls whenever we meet up.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like party music. Dance music in its many variations. Techno, Disco, Drum n Bass. It seems to be a really British thing. Also a big fan of 80’s and classic cheese.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m probably alot cheesier and tackier than most people think. Pah!

So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding?

Meeting the role models in the videos, and becoming friends with them. Also getting sponsored by Nikita Clothing, which was my teen dream. NYC 2 summers ago, skating and partying with a bunch of great people.

What do you have planned for this year?

Well, I’ve just graduated from University. The last year has been alot of hard library time, so I’m looking forward to freedom and skating a lot more again. Travelling, meeting new people, and making things. I’m off to LA and NYC next month.

Shout outs and thanks?

Big love to all the UK girls, Rockstar girls, Sherborne, MCR and Barcelona crews. And big thanks to the Nikita Fam.