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Kickstarter: Girls Just Wanna Grind

“They’re not blonde, sexy, California babes. They’re hanging out with boys and dressing like boys. They’re not generally pinup models. They’ve got bruises on their knees and scratches on their shins.” – Circe Wallace, commenting on why girl skateboarders are not getting coverage and sponsorships.

Forget that! These girls are beautiful… (if you don’t believe me check out Julian Bleeker’s photo project but more importantly, so what? Why does pretty matter? Does anyone think, “hey, that guy sure can sink a lot of baskets, but he’s not very good looking.” We have to stop giving girls the message it’s not what you do, it’s how you look doing it. And that is exactly why we decided to film the documentary Girls Just Wanna Grind.

This is a story of love, adventure, friendship, sacrifice, competition, family, injuries, and well, some pretty wicked skateboarding too. In a time when girls get famous by being bad, these girls are struggling to be good. Help us get their story to the world.”

Visit the “Girls Just Wanna Grind” Kickstarter page for more info on the project and how you can help.