Girls Skate Network

Gro Am Contest In LA

Girls Riders Organization did a series of Am contests accross the country this summer during their gro Experience Tour. The winner from each stop won a chance to compete in the finals at the last stop in Los Angeles, CA. Pre-Qualified winners Brianna Berstain of Indiana and Christiana Smith of Michigan.

Christiana Smith flying out.

Amee Jay Papalera 5-0 grinding around the corner.

Holly Lethcoe made it to the finals.

Amee Jay Papalera and Melissa Spillman repping AGSJ.

Young Madi Thomas from Washington. Watch out for this one!

Samarria Brevard kickflipping the stairs.

Only a street contest was planned, but after the Silly Girl crew showed up a bowl session started. Bryce Weestein dropping in.

Then the session turned into a contest of its own. Melissa Spillman slashing around.

Kara tallying scores.

GSN members Vanessa Bonilla and Kylie Maldonado made it out to support.

Thanks to Courtney and the gro crew for organizing a much need girls Am series! Hope to see it grow next year!