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More X Games 2011

Vanessa Torres.

Vanessa Torres frontside boardslide.

Elissa Steamer.

Elissa Steamer 5-0 over roof gap.

Candy Jacobs.

Elianna Sosco 50-50.

Marisa Dal Santo 50-50.

Alexis Sablone kickflipping the roof gap.

Jessica Florencio boardsliding the big rail.

Directly after the contest ended Leticia Bufoni backside smith grinded the big rail 2nd try!  Why didn’t you do that during the contest?!?!

Marisa Dal Santo getting swarmed by the media after her win.

Jen O’Brien sighting!

Ana Paula and Ebonee rocking Volcom “We Love Leticia” shirts!

Marisa and her gold!

Alexis Sablone, Leticia Bufoni, Eliana Sosco and Jessica Florencio.