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NoHo Camera Test

Lacey Baker is studying at The Art Institute of California’s Hollywood campus which just happens to be located accross the street from the new North Hollywood Plaza.

I recently got a new HD camera, but haven’t had much time to really mess with it and figure out the settings yet.  Ana Paula and I made plans to meet Lacey at the plaza after she got out of school to test it out.  Once word got out we were meeting up the session grew.

Lacey was on it and skating good all day!

Amy Caron nollie over the hip.

Ana Paula Negrao Instgraming (@anapaulanegrao).

Stylish frontside boardslide by Amy Caron.

Vanessa Torres and Amy Caron.

Rare Vanessa sighting.

Another rare sighting…Belgian Sophie Poppe!

Samarria Brevard noseslide over the dirt gap.

Lacey’s bluntslide transfer over the hip.

Amy backside kickflip on the wedge.