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Boardly | Briana King

For this episode of Boardly, we skate through the Lower East Side and Bushwick with Briana King and her best friends Danielle and Yasmeen. An LA native, Briana moved to New York a year ago under tough circumstances: She was new to the city and had few friends. However, after accepting an invitation on Instagram to hang out at a local skate park, she decided to take up skateboarding. “I started skating to get my mind off of all the bad shit,” explains King. “Because when you’re skating you literally can’t think of anything else, or else you’re done.” Over the last year, her drive for the sport transformed how she sees herself and her place in the city. Skateboarding served as a catalyst for her creativity and ultimately helped her find her tribe. King attributes her current sense of belonging to her newfound love of skateboarding and the connection she feels to herself while on the board. Boardly is a video series that spotlights women from all walks of life who share one thing in common: a passion for skateboarding that has shaped who they are in equally different, yet unique ways. Each episode seeks to offer a distinct perspective on the ways women can get involved in the artform. Watch more Boardly. Created with Vans.