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Boardly | Stephanie Battieste

For this episode of Boardly, we skate through the streets of Toronto with Stephanie Battieste, a local skateboarder and entrepreneur who is on a mission to grow the sport and build a viable women’s skateboarding industry in her hometown in Canada.

In 2015, she founded Babes Brigade, which started as a meet-up group for women skaters, and has since evolved into a community-based organization offering skate lessons to young aspiring skateboarders and a competitive skate team—complete with its own apparel and merch. Stephanie also enjoys finding opportunities for women—from photographing skateboarding events to modeling skate gear for brands to covering events for online skate publications—with the hope that more women will ultimately lead lucrative careers within the sport.

Boardly is a video series that spotlights women from all walks of life who share one thing in common: a passion for skateboarding that has shaped who they are in equally different, yet unique ways. Each episode seeks to offer a distinct perspective on the ways women can get involved in the artform. Watch more Boardly.

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