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The Berrics | Brighton Zeuner Interview

“The future is bright for 14-year-old Brighton Zeuner (pronounced “Zoyner,” as in: ‘if you can’t beat her, join her’).

From as far back as Zeuner can remember, she’s had a vert ramp in her backyard. The ramp may be gone now but it has helped to imbue her with a natural style—she really seems like she was born with it—and skills that are advanced for someone twice her age. Her performances at competitions like Vans Park Series and X Games, events with a massive international audience, have been flawless (she is a VPS defending champion, and a two-time X Games gold medalist)—and if you’re unfamiliar with her, those runs, with the breathless commentating and Zeuner’s restrained, focused execution, are the perfect introduction.

With heavyweight sponsors like Red Bull and Vans in her corner, it may seem a little odd to learn that she’s also one of Frog’s youngest tadpoles. But once you hear her talk about her infatuation with NYC skateboarding you’ll understand how this So Cal vert/park phenom can coexist naturally on Frog’s East Coast lilypad.

And, of course, there’s chatter in the media about Zeuner representing the U.S. in the Olympics and what this means for a male-dominated sport; but her recent exposure in Vogue and The New York Times tend to conflate a love for skateboarding with a larger discussion of gender equality. Zeuner is still taking it all in, but she refuses to feel pressured. As she demonstrated in this month’s X Games runs, Zeuner’s cool, calm, and collected persona will win the day.” – Stu Gomez

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