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Julie Lynn Kindstrand

BIRTHDAY: December 6, 1992
HOMETOWN: Santa Ana, California
RESIDE: Santa Ana, California

Julie kindstrand Interview (September 2008)


Birthday: December 6, 1992


Hometown: Santa Ana, CA


Reside: Santa Ana, CA


Years skating: Almost 5


Sponsors: Pocket Pistols skateboards, Adio footwear, Volcom, Bones Wheels, S-One skateboard helmets, 187 pads, Madrid fly paper, and G.R.O.


How were you introduced to skateboarding? What got you started?


Well it all started with roller skates. My dad would take us to the roller skating rink in Fountain Valley all the time. I was really good at it. One day he took us to the new skate park in Laguna Nigel and had ride our roller skates in the park. My dad used to skate back in the day with a group known as the chrome domes: Omar Hassan, Remy Straton, my Dad, Mike Barns, Mike Sanders..ect. So skateboarding kinda runs in the blood so to speak. Hahaha. But I saw all the kids skating and was like "Daddy I want to skateboard too!" My dad was like "no, not my little princess..." but he said whatever I want to do, not thinking anything would become of it. He let me ride his old Possessed Dave Rule Nude Bowl board. I was like eleven years old.


What was your first set up?


Possessed Dave Rule Nude Bowl model.


What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?


The worst thing about my home town is all the crazy drivers! Not many people can drive around here. The best thing is I can have a bowl in my backyard! Vans skatepark is like 5 minutes from my house and the Combi is my favorite pool. I can go surf, ride my dirtbike, go snowboard, then go skate all in one day...or ice skate. Hahaha. I love all the malls!


Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?


I love to ride my dirt bike, it is my second love! I also like to surf, snowboard, write music and sing. Anything extreme I'm on it. Hahaha. I love to climb trees and look at scenery.


Top 5 skateboarders of all time?


Chris Miller, Rune Glifberg, Christian Hosoi, Navarette, Peter Hewitt, and Bucky Lasek...there's so many more than that... P.L.G., Danny Mayer, Sandro Dias, Neal Hendrix, Benji Galloway and another favorite Bruno Passos!


Top 5 skate videos of all time?


Ban This, Animal Chin, Future Primative, The Indy Northwest Tour, and Skateboard Party.


Trick you want to learn?


Frontside 540.


Do you prefer to skate with guys or girls?


I love to skate with guys! The level of skating is so high and any time I skate with them it seems I skate better. I love to skate with the girls too, its just I end up not skating as much because I get caught up talking about nails, hair color, and shopping! Hahahaha!


Describe your dream session.


My dream session would be skating my house with Rune Glifberg, Skreetch, Remy Straton, Chris Miller, Tony Hawk, Danny way, P.L.G., Steve Caballero, Duane Peters, Christian Hosoi, Navarette, Peter Hewitt, and Benji Galloway!


What kind of music have you been listening to lately?


I've been in love with punk rock since I was born! Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Offspring, Beastie Boys, Buzz Cocks, Weezer, The Ramones, Social D.  I love Metalica!!!!! I've also been listening to a lot of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, some techno stuff... I like a wide variety.


What is something most people don't know about you?


A lot of people don't know that I have a dream to be a professional Moto-X racer and skate boarder. I love getting out in the dirt and flying around corners. I love going fast, it's the best adrenalin rush ever!


What do you have planned for this year?


This year I am hopping to win a few more comps and maybe even enter a men's pro contest. I don't know yet, but am working on it! I want to start riding my dirt bike more and practice for some races. I want to do well in school and try to be a good influence to other girls.


Shout outs and thanks?


I want to thank my parents for supporting me though all the drama that has gone on in my life, this has definitely been one of the hardest years of my life and they stuck with me through it all. I want to say thank you to the people who have encouraged me not to give up on my dreams: Christian Hosoi, Lonnie Hiramoto, Monty Gibo, Emery Christianson, Megan Brown, Brian Patch, Naka (can't spell full name), Courtney Payne-Taylor, and many others. Thank you to all my sponsors and friends. Most of all thank you to skateboarding, because it's not just a sport it's a life style. It helps me get through life when I need it the most. Skateboarding owes me nothing, I owe it all to skateboarding. Some of the best times of my life would have never happened if it wasn't for skateboarding. It has made me a stronger and more well rounded person to this day. The only thing I can say now is, don't let any one tell you how to be live life to the fullest and never give up on your dreams! Thanks for reading this hope to meet you some day!