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We will be rallying girls to skate, as always -- all ages, and abilities!
We got some things lined up for the weekend -FREE -- come and SKATE!
Skate Date @ Chelsea Piers!
Clinic + other fun @ McCarren! This is FREE! Email us to RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ladiez be Jamming @ Open Road's 3rd Annual Hellraiser!
and then wrapping things up with another Skate Date @ Chelsea Piers!

What's a Skate Date? Basically some girls getting together having fun, and skateboarding.
We are super hyped to see all of our friends in NYC like Jen from Uptown Skate School, Lanna, Gnariana, the twins, Izzy and her Dad, Lorena, and out of towners like Beth and other Canadians. Hopefully we will make more, like you?

We got some product from Steve at 5boro, Adrian from Rockstar Bearings, Hommage, and Protec is lending us helmets, Uptown Skate School is lending skate gear. - Skate Like a Girl


Video of last years event.


**The Supergirl Am Jam has been moved from Woodward West to the SkateLab in Simi Valley, CA!**

This year’s Supergirl Jam events kick-off on Wednesday, June 30 at SKATELAB. The first event in this year’s Supergirl Jam series, the Supergirl Am Jam, will feature a street contest for the top amateur girls. The winner earns a spot in the invitation-only pro competition during the Supergirl Jam on August 22nd in Venice Beach. 

SkateLab is letting all girls skate free on June 30th!

Please visit skatelab.com for address and directions.




Our friends at Asiplanchaba.com celebrated their 1st Anniversary with a Game of Skate and party.  Congratulation girls!  Results and links to video below.

MAY 1, 2010

1. Andrea Wilshusen
2. Julia Wilshusen
3. Dezbi
4. Loli
5. Bosh Mercé
6. Nicoleta Neagu
7. Elysha Bastien
8. Danae Garcia
9. Helen Wyss

10. Gisa

Julia Wilshusen - Varial Heel 3 Stair

Qualifying Game of Skate

Final Game of Skate




Our friend at Poseiden and Pink Spot have teamed up with Septicorp Magazine for a Northern Mexico Tour including a handful of girls.

Racine T. Hopkins, Abisha Alshebaiki and Karen Jones will be doing this tour alongside Andrea Sanchez Martinez, Mayra Pamela Anaya Pamela and Gabriela Maury of Mexico and Forest Skateboards Pro Fabrizio Santos.

For more info please visit www.pinkspot.com.mx.



Villa Villa Cola's "Dear & Yonder" surf movie is showing Feb. 27th in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.  The film also includes a short skate segment filmed during our Arizona trip last year.  Come out and support the girls!



On March 6, 2009 the GRO team began a journey that will lead to over 70 cities in more than 40 states across the nation to
mentor and coach females of all ages in skateboarding, with BMX and Surf at specific locations.  The events consist of girl
skate sessions, on-site demonstrations and hands-on training in a fun and safe environment. Through one-on-one interaction with top action sports instructors., each girl will come away from the program with the basic skills of the sport, increased confidence and ongoing opportunities in action sports. 

“Skateboarding can be customized to fit anyone’s needs.  Many people see the professionals through major televised events and decide that they are incapable of such feats.  What we want to show is the other side of skating, the fun, the progression, the sessions and friends.  That is the true heart of action sports.” Says Courtney Payne Taylor, the organizations founder.

GRO will host over 50 events in 40 states as it embarks on its travels around the country. The workshops will run from March
to November with our final stop for the Tampa Am in Florida.

Oct. 17 Gro Session and Workshop at Fontana Skatepark – Fontana, CA
Oct. 18
Gro Session and Workshop at Skatelab – Simi Valley, CA
Oct. 24
Downhill, Skate, Surf Weekend! – San Diego, CA
Oct. 24
Gro Session and Workshop at Chula Vista Skate Park – Chula Vista, CA
Oct. 25
Gro With Betty’s On Board Surf Workshop – Pacific Beach, CA
Oct. 31
Silly Girl Design Candy Bowl Contest – Huntington Beach, CA

For more info visit visit girlsriders.org.



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