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$1000 is being offered for the first girl to ollie the big four.  Any takers?  For those of you that don't know
the Wallenberg 4 is a famous gap located in a San Fransisco school and measures 6 feet high and 18
feet long.  In 2004 Thrasher Magazine hosted the "High Noon at the Big Four" contest there and Elissa
 lead the pack by being the first to attempt the infamous set (during the contest).



Hi everyone!  

Don't miss out... we are inviting you to come celebrate Ladonna's b-day and skate "The Ranch" Saturday
January 24th.  Check out the giant bowl inside a barn, street features in the driveway, live music, and
good times to be had.  Ladies will coming to skate from Seattle to Southern California. Bring your friends
and grub to BBQ.  Be there By 4pm and it 
will be going off.


The Ranch
18907 Lonetree Rd.
Escalon, CA 95320
(about 2 hours east of San Francisco) 

If you need a ride or can give someone a ride let me know...

Hope you all can make it!

Erica Harris
Skate Like A Girl
SF Program Coordinator




Brazilians Leticia Bufoni, Karen Jones and Ana Paula Negrao are joining up with the Chica Riders
crew in Mexico this weekend for a skate tour and art show.  Check out chicarider.com for more info. 

A large crowd gathered in Kelly Belmar's backyard in Huntington Beach, Ca to cheer on over 20 fearless girls skating the 10.5 ft. concrete bowl. At the end of the day Cara-Beth Burnside walked away with the Highest Air & Best Trick awards, Mimi Knoop with the Longest Grind and Juwels Bower named "Bloody Valentine".

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