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"Lisa Whitaker, founder of Girls Skate Network and Meow Skateboards, female skateboarding inspiration extraordinaire, on how 25 years on she can still remember how her first ollie felt like the biggest accomplishment ever. Plus how the internet and social media has changed women’s skating and how you’re never too old to start skateboarding" - Cooler Magazine


Read more at http://cooler.mpora.com/features/lisa-whitaker.html.

X Games Austin is right around the corner. We are excited to announce that this year the Women’s Skateboard Street contest field will be increased to 12 invited athletes!

Visit actionspotsalliance.com to see list of invited Womens Skateboard Street athletes for Austin 2014!


Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos, Vanessa Torres and Eliana Sosco made news in the fashion world earlier this month after skating on a diner table during a Kenzo Kalifornia bag launch party at The Berrics.



"During the candlelit dining experience hosted by farm-to-table caterers Root of All Food, the evening's co-hosts, Ms. Jones, Carrie Brownstein, China Chow, Gia Coppola and Riley Keough, looked on as four world-class female skateboarders shredded throughout the space. One notable guest, Jessica Alba, couldn't resist sharing the unique affair with her two-million-plus Instagram followers and posted a video of the moment when Nora Vasconcellos, Eliana Sosco, Lizzie Armanto and Vanessa Torres glided down the dinner table itself" -elle.com

Poseiden Foundations's West Coast Tour is ending with a Ladies Night at The Berrics.  All ladies are welcome. Come skate with us!

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

"Since the beginning a select few women have been skating. Peggy Oki was one of the original Z-Boys, Patti McGee got the cover of Life Magazine back in 1965. For some reason there has always been a gender gap with the boys going bigger and having better style than the girls, but thanks to a long list of girls throughout skateboarding’s history, that gender gap is closing. Here we have a list of 10 girls who are writing the next chapter of women’s skateboarding history. Some are poised to cross the gender divide and be just as good as the boys."

See who made the list at Complex.com.


XGames.com has created its own version of March Madness by ranking the top action sports athletes and placing them in brackets. Your votes will crown the top current action sports star in the world! 2nd round voting is open until March 28th.

PLEASE HELP THE SKATE WOMEN by voting for Leticia Bufoni, Marisa Dal Santo, Lacey Baker, Lizzie Armanto and Alexis Sablone or Mimi Knoop!

Place your votes here: http://xgames.espn.go.com/bracket/womens/2013/2013-best-action-sports-women.

The Poseiden Foundation went on their "Hope Campaign Argentina 2012" tour with a mission to help youth access the universal dreams, goals, and desires we so easily take for granted. They not only offered an opportunity to understand how to attain goals through passion, dedication, and preseverance, but also provided access to resources in and outside their own communities.  Founder Micaela Ramirez along with professionals Mimi Knoop, Lorena Lima, Jessica Florencio, Eliana Sosco, Milton Martinez and friends inspired and empowered children of Argentina during their 2 week tour with Girls Assault.  Visit www.poseidenfoundation.org for the trip recap and more information.


Also visit cooler.mpora.com for Mimi Knoop's photo diary of the trip.



Last year 3 new riders joined the Rogue team - we thought what better way than to help them get to know each other than organise a tour.

It was a good plan in thought but perhaps October was not the wisest of choices in the UK - weather wise!! Of course it turned out to be the coldest and wettest part of the year but putting a brave face on it the girls valiantly trouped out and we were able to capture enough footage to put a short edit together.

The riders were Dora Horvath who absolutely smashed every park she set foot in, Georgina Winter, Claire Thompson - the youngest and and one of the most promising female riders in the UK and Caitlin Robinson Mawhood - another young ripper. The team were also joined by long time friend Emma Richardson, new face on the block (and one to watch!) Camilla Mullins and Kerri Dennis.

The tour didn't have the best start, with what seemed to be scooters from hell at Ealing - however the group of girls who waited for more than four hours to meet the riders more than made up for it. Thanks to Ealing Skate Park Association for getting behind it! - Jenna Selby



"Photographer, skateboarder and named one of action sports' most influential women by Transworld, Jenna Selby still manages to fit in writing, filming, running her own skateboard company, oh and organising the odd event or two. To say that Jenna does it all would be an understatement, but what's particularly endearing about this very mellow lady is her commitment to pushing women's skateboarding; and to do it without going down the tired old route of slapping flowers and pink banners on everything."

Read full interview at www.redbull.co.uk!

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