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"While an argument over accessibility, ease of entry and general interest in women's Vert continues to be a burning topic among female skateboarders, I can't help but believe the question that should be falling off more lips (and hips and pools) is: Why not women's Park?"

Read the full article and leave your comments for ESPN over at espnW.com.

Lacey Baker hurt her knee while in Europe skating the World Cup contests earlier this month and will be unable to skate in X Games 17 today.  Get well soon Lacey!

Also sending well wishes to Evelien Bouiliiart and Lorena Lima who will also be missing this year's contest due to injuries.

Stay safe girls!

Last year's X Games gold medalist Alexis Sablone talks about school, skating, contests and her future over at the new espnW.com.

"You can make a year's living in one day and it all comes down to an hour of your life. Not to get really dramatic, but it's true. That's how it happens at X Games." - Alexis

Read the full interview at espnW.com.

"SHeRED Magazine seeks to advocate female skateboarders of any skill level, who are bold, ambitious, adventurous, fashion-conscious and most of all inspiring.

By encouraging inter-social dialogue through skating, we want to connect people from various backgrounds and inspire change through exchange.

SHeRED Magazine is promoting female skateboarding by fostering confidence in girls and women and enabling them to take leadership in their communities. Our goal is to inspire more women to pick up a board by sharing informing about the sport from a woman’s point of view." - SHeRED Magazine

Launching September 2011 inside Concrete Wave Magazine!

3rd Lair's Anna Reese is featured in their local paper the Star Tribune.  The article talks about the mark she has made on Minnesota's female skate scene and more.  Available to view at www.startribune.com.

German Sabrina Göggel has launched Cheers Skateboards with a team including Lisa Jacobs, Kerstin Krüger and Lea Schairer.

"Cheers Skateboards has been brought to life, so the "little sisters" of skateboarding can grow, become stronger in any style and this side of skateboarding setting a new view angle with history and level. In this spirit, CHEERS TO SKATEBOARDING!" - Cheers-Skateboards.de

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