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Julz Lynn Kindstrand has set out on a mission to skate over 1550 miles to raise funds for Grind For Life and Keep A Breast Foundation.  Her journey began in Huntington Beach, California on July 5, 2012 and her goal is to skate all the way to Lincoln City, Oregon for the World Cup Skateboarding Oregon Trifecta on August 10 while skating as many skateparks as she can along the way.

Follow her journey on JulzSk8s Northwest Facebook Page


More info about her trip at links below:


Donate to her cause:
Grind For Life
Keep A Breast Foundation

JULY 7, 2012


1. Leticia Bufoni
2. Lacy Baker
3. Alexis Sablone
4. Emma Fastessen
5. Lucy Adams
6. Anita Almonte
7. Miho Kazama
8. Bia Sondre
9. Zoe Kings
10. Becky Jaques
11. Chihiro Uchida
12. Charlotte Thatcher
13. Aleks Mazurkiewicz
14. Venessa Bonilla
15. Wings Chan
16. Ayumi Watanabe
17. Lucinda Derbyshire
18. Mimi Carter


JUNE 30, 2012

1. Lucy Adams
2. Emma Richardson
3. Helena Long

1. Anita Arvelo Almonte
2. Ellie Ford
3. Sophie Allen

1. Claire Thompson
2. Caitlin Robinson-Mawhood
3. Emily Russell

1. Lucy Adams
2. Helena Long
3. Emily Russell




JUNE 29, 2012

1. Alexis Sablone
2. Leticia Bufoni
3. Rachel Reinhard 
4. Marisa Dal Santo
5. Lacey Baker
6. Elissa Steamer

1. Lacey Baker
2. Leticia Bufoni
3. Alexis Sablone
4. Rachel Reinhard
5. Marisa Dal Santo
6. Elissa Steamer
7. Candy Jacobs
8. Amy Caron
9. Evelien Bouilliart
10. Jessica Florencio

Result scores and video links at espn.go.com.

Osiris is releasing a Leticia Bufoni pro model shoe in the near future!  The first samples just came in and Leticia will be skating them in the X Games this Friday.  Ask your local shop to order you a pair!


More info at www.osirisshoes.com once available.

"Cops and concrete: the two realities in street skating don't distinguish between male and female. Skateboarders go to spots knowing they run the risk of being harassed by authorities and brutalized by the terrain if they don't stick their landings. But for the most part, that's where the parity ends. Thousands of kids dream of getting sponsored and receiving that coveted box of product in the mail, but chances are slim that they'll have the talent or the footage to get noticed. Chances are even slimmer if you're a girl." - Robin Fleming, espn.com


Full article at www.espn.go.com.

B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) is thrilled to announce their elite roster of pro team riders. In addition to capturing news headlines for achievements in competition and film, these women have demonstrated a commitment to B4BC’s mission of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention.


Members of B4BC’s Pro Athlete Roster include:

· Surf – Courtney Conlogue, Liz Clark, Sage Erickson and Malia Manuel
· Skate – Mimi Knoop and Allysha Bergado
· Snow – Elena Hight, Kimmy Fasani and Hana Beaman
· Wake – Tarah Mikacich


“We are so honored to have such wonderful athletes and role models representing B4BC,” said Erika Seward, executive director, B4BC. “These beautiful ladies embody the B4BC spirit of being your own advocate, following your passions, and living in a healthy, responsible way. Together, we look forward to collaborating on current and future projects that inspire and support young women, girls and those personally affected by breast cancer.”


Many of B4BC’s team riders gathered together last week at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, Calif. to celebrate their involvement and participate in B4BC’s Be Healthy. Get Active. Ride! campaign shoot. The campaign, which features Conlogue, Erickson, Knoop, Bergado, Hight and Beaman, will launch this Fall as part of B4BC’s Breast Cancer Prevention Month efforts. Havoc TV was on-site to capture the day and offers an exclusive look here.


The B4BC Outreach Experience hits the road this summer to educate young people about breast health and prevention with B4BC team riders scheduled to appear. Dates will include the X Games Los Angeles 2012 (June 28-July 1), Warped Tour (June – August), the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach (July 28-Aug. 5) and more.


For more information about B4BC’s programs and events, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or go to www.b4bc.org.



Cooler Magazine tracked down German skateboarder Anna Kruse to talk about getting on board and dealing with injuries.  View full interview online at cooler.mpora.com.


Congratulations to Kat Williams for winning the 2012 Alliance Video Contest and chance to skate the course with the pros in the official women's street practice the week leading up to X Games along with other prizes!

Closely behind her were Alana Smith and Julia Brückler who also win special "behind the scenes" passes to the X Games Los Anggeles 2012 Women's Street contest and prizes from contest sponsors Hoopla, Nixon, Bones, Vans and Neff! 


1. Kat Williams (AUSTRALIA)
2. Alana Smith (USA)
3. Julia Brückler (AUSTRIA)
4. Chelsea Castro (USA)
5. (tie) Jennifer Soto (USA)
5. (tie) Pipa Souza (BRAZIL)
6. Nanaka Fujisawa (JAPAN)
7. Chrissy Brown (USA)
8. Kaya Isa (JAPAN)
9. Lucy Adams (ENGLAND)
10. Lainy Kiser (USA) 


Visit www.actionsportsalliance.com to view top 5 videos.


"Allysha Bergado is only 15 and she’s done more in her seven years skating, than most people do in their lifetimes. She’s competed in the X Games and the Dew Tour, and even educates young women on health issues. This bowl-shredder has the talent, focus and personality to make an impact on girls and boys around the globe. As if that isn’t enough she does amazing in school and somehow manages to have a life by balancing her academics, skateboarding and travels. Allysha talks about a range of topics from what she does for fun to how she’s adjusting to contests altogether eliminating the girls sections." - Poweredge


Read the full interview online at www.poweredgemagazine.com.


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