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FAR'n HIGH 2012
MAY 27, 2012


1. Leticia Bufoni
2. Aura Bredart
3. Emma Fastesson
4. Julia Bruckler
5. Candy Jacob
6. Anita Arvalo Almonte
7. Kate Shengeliya
8. Tonje Petersen


1. Tonje Peterson
2. Julia Brueckler
3. Marion Fernande
4. Candy Jacobs
5. Evelien Bouilliart
6. Kate Shengeliya
7. Emma Fastesson
8. Lois Pendlebury
9. Sarah Meurle
10 Sophie Allen


1. Danni Gallacher
2. Emma Richardson
3. Leticia Bufoni
4. Marie Dabbadie
5. Anita Arvelo Almonte
6. Charlotte Him
7. Heloise Wathelet
8. Aura Bredart
9. Lisa Jacob



Lizzie Armanto and Ben Hatchell have joined as ambassadors for Step Up, a new company that aims to develop and grow skateboarding in countries with limited access through distribution, facilities, clinics and instruction.  They just returned from a trip to Kuwait and Bahrain visiting middle schools and spreading the goodwill of skateboarding to the youth.

Our friends at Asiplanchaba in Spain have expanded and released their first board series including Jart collaboration Ianire Elorriaga signature model and Asiplanchaba Cruiser model.  Congratulations girls!





"Work in skateboarding is an educational video website that shows the diversity of jobs in skateboarding, their accessibility and how similar roles can apply to other sport industries.

It’s going to be a resource for kids who are beginning to plan their career paths and are unaware of all the different job options within skateboarding.

The main goal of the website is to invest in the next generation of skateboarding, nurturing their growth and creativity and supplying them with information they can use to become a part of the industry." - Samantha Chami

This awesome idea and resource still needs help becoming a reality, for more info and ways you can help visit indiegogo.com/workinskateboardingwebsite.

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