Girls Skate Network

Palm Springs & Woodward West Weekend

This weekend Skateboarder Magazine hosted an event for the Agua Caliente Indian Tribe at the Palm
Skatepark and invited the girls out to teach a private clinic for the kids. It was a great group of
kids and everyone
had a good time.

Palm Springs gets pretty hot in the summer so the clinic was early morning and a demo was scheduled
for later
in the evening after it cooled down. The afternoon was spent at the hotel swimming, gambling,
napping and 
some girls even got a massage. Once the temperature was bearable outside we went back
to the park and skated
the demo with Paul Rodriguez, Greg Lutzka, Chad Bartie, Chad Knight and a
handful of other guys invited out for
the event.

The next morning we got on the road for a 4-hour drive to Woodward West skate camp for Girl Week.

Each year Woodward has a girls week so that female campers who want to skate with other girls can all
on the same week, they also get a chance to meet and hang out with visiting pros…and watch
them act like fools 
(see below).

Time to rush home and get caught up on work so I can leave for Visalia YMCA Skate Camp on
Thursday! 🙂