Girls Skate Network

Day In Monterey

Alex White has been telling me about the abundance of great spots in Monterey for a few years now, so
with a few girls heading up north for the Tim Brauch Memorial Jam we decided it would be the perfect
time to get a session together and check them out. I left my house before the sun came up and after
my 6 hour drive was greeted by Alex and her 3 legged dog Sammy.

The original group planned couldn’t make it for different reasons, but a last minute crew came together
and met at Alex’s Mom’s house before heading out to the local spots. The crew for the day ended up
being Alex and her husband Sam, Elizabeth and her brother Patrick,’s longtime
message board poster Staycee, friends Amie, Marissa and myself.

Little Elizabeth Nitu has sprouted up over the last year and is now taller than the “fun size” Alex White.

Elizabeth’s backtail at a spot with a view overlooking the bay.

The last spot of the day was the Monterey Skatepark where we skated until the sun went down.