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ESPN Announces Equal Pay For 2009

As Peter Yoon of the LA Times wrote back in 2006: “Perhaps the biggest step forward during this year’s
(2006) X-Games came before the games even started”. To recap for those of you that may not

“On the eve of X Games 12, Alliance leadership/co-founders, CB Burnside, Mimi Knoop and Drew Mearns
met with the ESPN boss (John Skipper) in a private board room at the Staples Center and struck what
many consider will be an historic deal to bring women’s actions sports to parity with the men’s side –
financially and in broadcast exposure – over the next year or two. “He was really good about not only
listening to us, but he committed then and there to specific changes that will help all women action sports
athletes – not just skaters – this year and on into the future,” CB said after the meeting”.

Just yesterday, ESPN announced equal prize money for men and women at all winter and summer
X-Games events. The Alliance would like to extend a big “thank you” to John Skipper and ESPN corporate
for not only following through on their promise, but more importantly, for doing the right thing for women in
action sports. The Alliance is proud to have played such an important role in this historic milestone in
womens action sports.

Press release from ESPN: “ESPN is proud to announce that the X Games and Winter X Games will feature
equal prize money for both men and women in 2009. ESPN has been a leader in promoting and programming
women’s athletics, and this recent action sports prize purse increase is the latest example. This past summer
saw the X Games feature women’s motocross for the first time, and the upcoming Winter X Games will feature
a host of female Olympic medalists from several different countries. Starting with Winter X Games 13 in
January, 2009, men and women athletes at all X Games events will compete for equal cash awards.”

— John Skipper,
ESPN executive vice president, content