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Arizona Day 1 & 2

Tiffany from Villa Villa Cola is making a surf film called “Dear & Yonder” and wanted to include a skate
segment, so we scheduled a road trip to Arizona with 11 girls to skate, film and have fun. We all left
from different locations Wednesday morning and met up at our hotel later that evening. I picked up
Lacey that morning in Covina and made a quick stop by her local skate shop Utility to check out the
new etnies window display.

About an hour into our drive we meet up with Erica Harris’s van load of girls. She started out early by
picking up Evelien Bouilliart and Leticia Bufoni in Los Angeles, then stopped by Long Beach to pick up
Amy Caron and Stefanie Thomas before heading out.

Once we got to the Phoenix area Lacey and I split off again and went to the airport to pick up Alex
White and Elizabeth Nitu who both flew in from the San Fransisco area. Shortly after we arrived at the
hotel film producers Tiffany Morgan Campbell and Andrea Lessier pulled up from their drive that started
from San Diego this morning. The timing worked out well and everyone was eager to go skating the
next morning.

Blog Cam Footage from Day 1.

The next morning we started out with breakfast at Coney Island Cafe.

Then we hit up the Wedge Skatepark.

Elissa Steamer’s new Zero board is out now. Go get one!

We got direction to a water park that is closed for the season and has a bunch of tranny walls in the
wave pool that get skated every winter. Unfortunately there were puddles in the best spots, but
everyone still had a good time before getting kicked out.

The girls only got a couple minutes at this gap before getting kicked out as well.

Part of the crew on the way to the next spot.

The Tempe Skatepark was amazing. We ended up skating there for hours and we got a bunch of

Blog Cam Footage from Day 2.