Girls Skate Network

Arizona Day 3-5

On Friday we picked up my friend Carli in Phoenix and made the 2 hour drive out to Sedona to skate
the park and get some other shots with the amazing scenery. Lacey and Amy had some good doubles
lines going.

Leticia and Elizabeth at the Sedona Skatepark.

Myself and Alex, aka video nerds.

Amy looking pretty Rock Starish.

Our Arizona tour guide Carli Everhard.

Previa Driver and Skate Like a Girl S.F.’s Erica Harris with a fast plant.

After the park we drove around searching for a hill to bomb with the Sedona mountains in the background.
Tiffany got a long lens shot of all the girls coming down the hill, then we decided to sit in the back of the
van and film with a fisheye as the girls followed behind us. Lacey was looking pretty stylish doing speed
checks until one of her wheels caught on the rough asphalt and pitched her forward onto her hip.

Evelien and Stefanie.

Alex and Lacey.

Saturday morning we warmed up at new park in North Scottsdale. Letica frontside 180 over hip.

Afterwards Carli and her friends meet up and took us to a church that sets up obstacles and lets the
kids skate every Saturday. It was pretty crowded and looked fun to skate, but not anything we wanted
to film. A few of the girls walked around the building and found a rock gap with nobody around, so we
decided to film there. As soon as we set up and the girls started skating a bunch of the kids followed
over and started hucking themselves. Lacey switch 180 with ease.

Footy check.

Carli and her skateboard bumper.

Afterwards we skated the Cactus banks until the sun went down. The next morning Stefanie, Evelien,
Elizabeth and I joined the crew for one last session at the Peoria park before we had to get on the road
to get home in time for work and Evelien’s flight home to Belgium the next day.

Blog Cam Footage from Day 3, 4 & 5.

Look for the skate footage from this trip in the upcoming Villa Villa Cola surf film “Dear & Yonder” due
out in 2009.