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Skirtboards In The OC

We got off to a slow start today, but once the shopping was done and everyone got some lunch we went
down the street to Pacifica to get warmed up. P.S. Flannel is so hot right now!

We didn’t have much daylight to work with we stayed in the area. Since Alex “I love banks” White met
up with us, the Adams banks seemed like the logical 2nd spot.

Everyone had fun and we skated until the sun went down.

Mrs. I Love Banks with a frontside 5-0.

After more shopping and diner was squeezed in we went to the Costa Mesa park to meet up with Amy
and watch Leticia fly around.

4 French Canadians, 2 Brazilians, 2 Americans and a Mexican.

Blog Cam Footage 1/10/09