Girls Skate Network

Skirtboarders Last Day In LA

We got an earlier start today, but everyone seemed to tired, sore and seemed to be having a hard time
warming up…but having fun was never a question.

Leticia backside 5-0 at LA High School.

Anne-Sophie sun bathing in the middle of LA.

Check out the phone geeks in the background.

Mandatory group shot. Anne-Sophie, Margaux, Amy, Ana Paula, Renata, Leticia, Elo and Annie.

After some very greasy food at Dino’s we ended up at Belmont High where we met our new friend David.

He quickly became the entertainer and photographer of the day.

Plus he let us ride his cool scooter!

Mandatory group shot of our last session before the girls had to head home. I made a few new friends
and had a great time this week. Come back soon!

Blog Cam Footage 1/11/09