Girls Skate Network

Tickets For All

The Skate Plaza seems to be the new meeting spot. Evelien was already warmed up when I got there.

When we arrived at the first spot the Blind team was already there filming along with a 13 year old local
kid. Evelien got her trick within a couple tries and was working on another just as the school police
showed up. We were informed that we were in the middle of several gang territories and it wasn’t safe
for us to be there, especially with camera gear.

The minors parents were called and had to be released to an adult, luckily Lacey was allowed to leave
with me. The 13 year old kid wasn’t as lucky. His Mom had to come down to the school to pick him up.
We all watched in horror as one of the officers placed the boy’s board up against his back tire, got in the
car and ran over it per his Mothers request. The sight of him standing to the side with tears in his eyes
almost made Evelien started crying.

A little over an hour later we all had tickets, except for Evelien who used her Belgian charms to walk
away clean.