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Spot Checking In SF

Evelien, Abisha and Morgen had never been to San Fransisco before, so we decided to check out the
city and a few famous spots before the drive home.

Morgen Lester crooks.

Evelien Bouilliart front blunt.

During an attempt to kickflip the rock gap at 3rd & Army Kristina hyper extended her knee and minutes
later Abisha rolled her ankle. 2 down in 10 minutes. No luck at this spot and time to move on…slowly.

The Thrasher Wallenberg contest is next weekend and $1000 is being offered to the first girl to ollie the
big 4. Evelien couldn’t wait to check it out. She will be back.

Beth, Staycee and Erica spectating. Who brings Fruity Pebbles to a skate spot?

The injured.

Erica invited us to stay at her house so we took her up on the offer and a chance to skate one more day.
Thanks Erica! What happens in the closet stays in the closet.

Blog Cam 5/24/09