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San Mateo & Drive Home

We got a slow start this morning and already felt it wasn’t going to be the most productive day.
Everyone was either hurt or sore from the days before. After breakfast we dropped Abisha off at the
airport and went to the San Mateo park for a session before our long drive home.

Evelien Bouilliart, Erica Harris, Jessie Van Roechoudt, Staycee Lee and Morgen Lester.

Morgen “Road Warrior” Lester nose manual shuv-it out.

Jessie Van Roechoudt met up and was shredding.

Evelien Bouilliart and Lisa Whitaker.

The scenery was pretty amazing just outside of Gilroy, so we decided to break up the drive with a quick
hike down to the lake.

Morgen and Evelien kept themselves entertained throwing rocks.

Blog Cam 5/25/09