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Prague Trip Part 1

Lacey, her Mom Donna and I left LAX Monday morning for 3 flights and 17 hours of travel before landing
in Prague the next day.

The Detroit to Amsterdam flight had personal entertainment at every seat. I watched 3-4 movies and played a couple
games when I should have been sleeping. I would end up paying for that later.

Things got crazy when we arrived in Amsterdam for our last connecting flight to Prague. Lacey had carried her skateboard
on the first 2 flights, but while going through Customs airport security grabbed her board and said it needed to be checked.
After looking at our boarding passes we were told that we didn’t have enough time to make it to the ticket counter and back
so we would have to leave the skateboard there. That obviously wouldn’t work since it was the whole purpose of the trip.
Once you are past the first line of security in the airport it is not an easy task getting back to the ticketing counter, but we
managed to do it just in time to catch our flight and watch Lacey’s board get loaded with the cargo out the window. Whew!

Since our phones weren’t working we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to meet up with Jenna and Georgina
who flew in from London a few hours earlier. We were nicely surprised to see them sitting at the airport just outside
baggage claim. I felt pretty bad because I thought they would be ready to skate and we were all so tired from the
traveling. Turns out they slept on the marble floor of the airport last night and were just as ready for sleep as we were.

After 15 hours of sleep we were finally up and ready to explore the city. We started the day off at the Half & Half cafe across
from our flat which turned into our daily meeting spot due to Wi-Fi access, sandwiches, pizza, chocolate filled croissants
and gelato.

We were pretty lost the first day, but Lacey took over on map duty and got us to Satlin Square…in a round about way.

Lacey backside lipslide. Straight to business filming lines.

Georgi 50-50.

Lacey backside smith.

Donna, Jenna, Georgina, Lisa and Lacey at Stalin Square.

Prague Blog Cam 1