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Crazy 4th Of July

Leticia, Anna Paula, Anne-Sophie and I started our day off at the LA Skate Plaza.

After warming up we decided to check out a spot down the street.

I parked on the side of the road and we started walking towards the spot. Ana Paula and I were talking and looking towards
the left when what looked to be a homeless lady carrying a bunch of bags passed on our right. Anne-Sophie heard and saw
the lady spit on Ana Paula while walking by. By the time the rest of us realized what happened she was a few hundred
feet away and near my car. We turned around asked “Why did you do that?” which set her off. She dropped her bags,
raised her fists and called us over to fight. Then she picked up a patio paving stone and started walking towards us
screaming and yelling. We started walking in the other direction just trying to get as far away from her as possible when she
turned around and threw the stone at my car. Her first throw missed and went into on coming traffic. As the cars slammed
on their breaks she ran into the middle of the road to retrieve the stone and threw it at my car a few more times cracking my
windshield and denting my door frame. All for no reason…she was insane!

A few of the cars stopped and as a man started to walk over to her she picked up her bags and rushed away. Leticia and
Anne-Sophie were having a hard time just standing by and watching this happen, but I was doing my best to keep them
as far away from her as possible. When she turned the corner they took off skating after her to watch where she was going
while we called the police. A few seconds later a cop car drove by and a witness flagged them down. The girls pointed her
out and she was in hand cuffs before Ana Paula and I walk there. All of the sudden the completely insane woman was
talking politely to the officer insisting that it wasn’t her and that she had never thrown anything. Luckily the blog cam
footage was just enough to show that she had.

A few people had called in so 6 cop cars showed up. They separated us and while a female officer searched the suspect
a few of the others talked to us and posed for a few photos.

Leticia has a few new fans.

In the end the crazy lady was arrested and taken to jail. What a crazy start of the day!