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Seattle Trip Part 2

Saturday we checked out the Seattle Chowder Bowl Contest, then had a fun session at Red Square. Amy and Nugget.

Tuna Poanessa with some fancy hand flipping trickery.

Kristin, Alex and Lisa.

The Skate Like a Girl’s “Shh…Just let it happen” was hitting the road after skating one more day in Seattle, so Sunday
morning the cars were stacked with supplies.

Boredom set in while waiting for everyone to gather, so Jessie decided to give Ashley and atomic wedgie to kill some time…

…and ended up with a cracked screen in the process.

Once everyone was finally loaded up we drove just outside of town to a fun little park.

A little something for everyone.

Then Kristin took us to her secret bank spot.

Ashley managed to roll her ankle less than 24 hours before leaving on a 2 week skate trip. Thumps up!

Next it was off to Kristin’s parents house where we were greeted with a “Welcome 2009 S.L.A.G. Tour. GOOD LUCK!” sign
and a delicious spaghetti feast complete with dessert. After everyone was stuff we watched footage before saying our

Thanks to Nancy Chang, Skate Like a Girl, Kristin and the Ebeling family for the great weekend!