Girls Skate Network

X Games Los Angeles

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins has a fan club.

Karen Jonz, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins and Gaby Ponce during the media rush.

Amy Caron and Marisa Dal Santo strike a pose.

Lacey Baker helping Vanessa Torres cool down before the street finals.

Tamara Drybrough and Elizabeth Nitu.

The girls gave it their all this year and several of them ended up in the medic tent after the event. Abisha Alshebaiki with an
iced shoulder after her slam on the 12 stair rail.

After winning the Maloof Money Cup a couple weeks ago Leticia Bufoni and Brazilian friends Ana Paula and Liza got
“Yeah Yeah!!” tattoos to celebrate.

Paco and Paloma from Mexico’s came out to support the girls.

Evelien Bouilliart put her body through some abuse today. She took some of the hardest slams, then got right back up and
pulled her tricks. The announcer kept saying she took the warrior award.

Alexis Sablone, Marisa Dal Santo and Elissa Steamer with their new hardware.