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Supergirl Woodward West

There were a couple new faces at the Woodward West Supergirl Pro/Am Jam. Brooke Whipp traveled down from Utah
for her first big contest and made it into the finals.

Young Chelsea Castro from Long Beach also made the cut. I’m sure you will be seeing more of these 2 in the future.

Racine Hopkins hanging out before her run.

Vanessa Torres and Sophie Poppe had a rough day. They got lost on the way to the contest, blew a tire in the middle of the
desert, spare tire already had a hole, stuck on the side of the road in the summer heat, lurked on by sketchy truck drivers,
rescued by Supergirl staff, barely made the end of the contest, skate with no warm up and Vanessa topped the day off with
a rail to the hip. High five! Big thanks to Neal Hendrix for loaning the girls his spare so they could get home.

And the winners are…

The Board Bunnies crew with 5 year old ripper Annika Vrklan, sister, Leticia and Sophie.

Yeah Yeah!!!