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Supergirl Am Jam

The last minute venue change didn’t seem to effect the turn out for the Supergirl Am Jam. Over 20 girls from all over the country and Canada came to the Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA to compete for a chance to win a spot in the Supergirl Pro.

Morgen Lester, Tasha Hastings and Kristina Narayan.

Alex White sighting!

Guest judges Abisha Alshebaiki and Racine Hopkins.

Vanessa Torres came out to support.

Sarah Molder flips the hip during jam chaos.

16 year old Samarria Brevard was the stand out of the day. Huge lofty ollies, one of the few to hit the rail and her 360 flip down the grass gap during the prelims had the entire crowd on their feet screaming.

Celina Meehan from New Jersey was another crowd favorite.

Brooke Whipp from Utah with a solid kickflip down the grass during the finals.

Congratulations Brooke, see you in Venice!