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Aussies In Cali

Rhianna Arnold and Kat Williams just started a 2 month trip all around the US and Canada. They landed in LA last night and were eager to skate, so I picked them up from their Hostel for a day of fun. It was their first time here and I’ve never seen anyone so excited to see average things…ice cream truck, news stand, mail lady, Taco Bell, soda cups, every car on the freeway…I think you get the idea.

First stop Garvanza Skatepark in Pasadena to meet up with an old friend. Kat and Rhianna waste no time and get straight to business.

Jenny Kim, Tasha Hastings and Morgen Lester.

Morgen frontside flipping over the hip.

Next stop, Griffith park ditch.

Rhianna 5-0.

Morgen before.

Morgen after.

Rhianna got a sudden bust of energy and wanted to wrestle. None of the girls were up for it, so we asked Gabriel to fill in. He didn’t hold back and she got spun over his head, dropped on her head, folded in half and sat on…be he didn’t make it out unscathed.

Next stop, new Hollenbeck Street Plaza.

Kat kickflip.

More please!

They tore out the old modular ramps and replaced them with this.

Next, stop LA Skate Palza.

The girls being introduced to American sized sodas.

After a full day of the LA skate tour we dropped the girls off and made plans to meet up tomorrow. Ended the day following Morgen’s motorized chair around Wal-Mart.

Blog Cam 7/3/10

**I’m very sad to say that all the blog cam footage filmed on one of the cameras was lost. There was some good stuff for this one including Rhianna being dropped on her head. Rhi, did you delete it???