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Aussies In Long Beach

The Aussies LA skate tour continued this weekend starting off in Long Beach with Amy Caron.

After a quick warm up at Cherry Park Amy took us to another park down the street where Kat got her front rock on.

Amy backside smith.

The girls had been wanting to see the Vans Skatepark, so that was next on our list…after squeezing in a visit to Krispy Kreme where we watched fresh doughnuts being made and ate them straight of the conveyor belt.

Vans Skatepark in Orange, Ca.

Rhianna skating the famous Combi Bowl.

Kat 50-50 down the hubba.

Kat kickflip.

Earlier in Long Beach Rhianna had made a proud 99 cent purchase at a Liquor store, later that night the secret purchase was revealed in all its glory. Why would a small Liquor store in Long Beach be selling these? Who buys these things…other than an excitable Aussie? All I can say is she got her moneys worth, you will be seeing more of the “Jammy-Jams” soon.