Girls Skate Network

Maloof Money Cup

Liza, Eliana and Ana Paula hanging out in the stands.

The course.

Evelien, Alexis and Leticia.

Cara-Beth with the freshly printed “Mover & Shakers RV Tour” poster. We hit the road tomorrow!

The Australians made last minute flight plans to make it to the contest. They had been talking to Lacey on the phone all morning “from Seattle” before sneaking in and hiding for a “surprise” complete with a custom Bruce shirt!

Leticia Bufoni, Alexis Sablone and Marisa Dal Santo take the podium and cash.

Kristin Ebeling and Kat Williams.

Ashley Brennan and Amy Caron.

Dane Burman and Marisa Dal Santo.

On the way out of the fair grounds we made a stop at the petting zoo. Vanessa fell in LOVE with the piglets and had to be forced to leave.