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Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Attempts Backflip

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins is currently traveling with the Nitro Circus Live arena shows in Australia.  Apparently skating the Giganta Ramp wasn’t enough for her, so now she is attempting to be the 3rd girl in the world to do a backflip on a dirtbike (even though she has only been riding for less than a year).

“We had a lot of injuries this past Wednesday, but the rest of the crew stepped up more than I ever could have imagined in Gosford this Saturday.  Jolene is the toughest and most badass girl on the face of the earth, but when she hurt herself on the “Giganta Ramp” at the last show, she decided that someone else had to step up and flip for the girls.

Unfortunately for me, she talked my girlfriend, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins into trying a flip off the super kicker.  Nitro got her a pit bike and moved the super kicker in, to 30 feet (instead of the usual 45 feet).  Dusty Wygle told her to hit it as fast as the bike would go and Jolene explained during the show what Lyn-z would need to do in order to flip.  Lyn-z got around further than anyone expected but she bailed off when she realized that wide open on the 110cc only made it to the knuckle of the landing.

She got tackled by the bike but ended up being good enough to skate the Giganta Ramp the rest of the night.  She is super pumped about trying-to-be the third girl to ever land a back flip but I’m a nervous wreck for the next show.” –Travis Pastrana