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SPOTLIGHT | Sabrina Göggel

BIRTHDAY: January 20, 1985
HOMETOWN: Baden-Würrtemberg, Germany
RESIDE: Hamburg, Germany

Sabrina “Puse” Göggel Interview (2011)

How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started?

My brother skated, I was always excited by what he was doing and want to to the same. The little sister, you know?

Do you remember what your first setup was?

Definitely! My first Set up was the Marc Johnson board by A-team (a piece of it is always hanging on my neck as my talisman), Orion Trucks and Flip Omar Hassan Wheels. Can’t forget that!

Were there any early influences on your skating?

Yes, but not really from the official scene. My brother was my first influence, later his friends who become my friends and the TKC Crew. My brother stopped skating and Michi, Matze and Friese, the old boys of our Crew, became my biggest influence. And yes, of course Elissa Steamer and the Piss Drunks Crew.

What is the best and worst thing about your hometown?

The best thing down there are the people I spend my time with and my family. I think I was lucky to grow up in a small town, because you learn what’s important in life. You have more nature and most young people don’t care about who’s cool or who is super with his freshest clothes. In a small town it’s just you and your character, that’s what count. Most people say you can’t do anything there and you are like a hilly billy, but I’ve had really crazy days there. You get more creative with your free time because sometimes you have to spend a weekend somewhere a party is because you can’t get back until the next metro. I have learned a lot of myself and my life that I can use now. Now I live in a big city… I definitely prefer all these things around me, but I miss the people who gave me one of the funniest and special time in my life.

The worst thing is it’s also a small town and there are more idiots with conservative asshole characters, maybe because in a big city you don’t know and nobody cares how many assholes are walking through the street? I mean it’s not easy for your family and yourself if you grow up in a small town and you’re a girl like me. You get a lot of problems… And the police don’t have much to do, so they focus all their time on the skateboarders, because these freaky guys don’t look very well in their landscape. HA!

Besides skateboarding, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot time drinking beer and riding my motorcycle….yes and some other great things I don’t have to explain! But now I started Cheers and beside my job at Cleptomanicx it takes a lot of time.

What is your typical day like?

Recently there have been many changes in my life, so I haven’t got an typical day at the moment. All I can say is I usually get up at 6:30 a.m. at the moment and work from 8 until 16:30! After that I have to handle some stuff for Cheers, for example making a business plan for getting money (I don’t wish that shit on anyone, so much damn work) or getting orders ready and shipping them, writing and answering e-mails, sometimes talk with some guys about new designs, website stuff, etc…searching for a second job, sometimes go skating for a bit and chill with my boyfriend. On the weekends I skate the whole day and sometimes shoot photos with Christoph and film for the Volcom Video next year! After that party with my friends.

Do you prefer to skate with guys or girls?

Back in the days I definitely prefer to skate with boys, but okay, there wasn’t any girl skaters. Not girls who skate, just girls who want to look like a skater and carry their board. So in Hamburg sometimes I skate with the boys here. But since I meet the girls like Lisa, Anna, Didi, Sam and the others I really prefer to skate with girls, who really want to skate. You can skate the same spots, you riding on the same level and we are a damn funny crew after all.

Where do you like to skate?

I like to skate in the streets, there’s nothing better than a great curb or a nice gap (no matter if its a road gap or a gap) or a new spot you find. Sometimes I also like to skate a small mini ramp for a chill session. I don’t really like to skate park, I only like to ride it if some friends and I build it. But a normal park in the middle of the city? Come on? You’ve got a big city, how can you prefer a inclosed skate park with people crossing each others ways?

Who do you like to skate with?

I like to skate with my homies of course, Michi, Martin, Barth, Matze, Friese, Hein, Pierre, Christian and Andi. But here in Hamburg, definitely with Chris from VIA- I’m so sad that he moved to Ireland and isn’t here anymore, he was my best skatemate in Hamburg. Others here I like to skate with are my boyfriend Felix of course, and Christoph and Benni, sometimes Cobra, Niklas, Ben, the other boys here and sometimes Henning. And I’m always happy to skate with the whole Volcom Team once a year…love them!

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of diffrent Music like Motörhead, Social Distortion, Distillers, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Adele, Led Zeppelin, Rah Digga, Ton Steine Scherben, Slayer, Slime, Rodriguez jr. and Janis Joplin(the most amazing girl ever).

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Hahaha! Most people think I’m disorderly because I don’t look lady like, but that’s the biggest beef topic between my boyfriend and I. At the end I’m a textured and orderly person. I’m also very unique or special. If i go out at night I need sometimes one hour just for the shirt. No joke! Or I can’t skate with some of my clothes. For example if I go skate with a new shirt or a new jeans and the day was bad, I usually can’t skate in those clothes again. I don’t know why I’ve got this screw loose, but I have been this way since I was 14 and did my first small handrail with a special dress. (????)

So far, what have been some of the highlights of your skateboarding?

A highlight of my skateboarding was the day I meet Elissa Steamer and we drank beer together. Another highlight is when I realised how many great guys have my back, who believe in me and support me! That gives me a lot of power for skating and life. You don’t need many friends, just a few who are real ones…everybody knows that, but that was something I’ve learned over the last few years and months. And I think the next highlight will be when I realise what I’m doing after all this work with Cheers Skateboards!

What do you have planned for this year?

The girls and I are going to Sweden in September, Malmö this year for our Tour! I want to film a lot for the Volcom Video, maybe spend a week in my home Stuttgart! Going with Didi to the Airattack to Belgium in August, and at the end of September some friends and me want to visit Chris in Ireland. That’s also the first Tour for the Cheers Team, but next year!

Shout outs and thanks?

First I want to thank my family and all of my friends, my sponsors Volcom and Electric (Arne), Vans (Steffi and Tom), S-Store(Steffi and Mo), Matt from Wolfsmensch Wheels, Kai from Pirate Love Tattoo and the “Cheers Skateboards” Team. I also want to thank Chris Krosch for all his support and friendship, Henning, my boy Felix Z, Michi, Martin, Friese, Andi, Barth, Nate, Denis K., The Urban Supplies Crew, Sabrina, Lili, Robby and the girls Anna, Lisa J., Didi, Sam, Helena for all those great times, and you Lisa for the nice Interview!

Take care and stay real!

Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Cheers Skateboards, S-Store, Electric, Wolfsmensch Wheels, Pirate-Love Tattoo