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San Jose Road Trip

Vanessa Bonilla and Samarria Brevard at the Santa Clarita park.  This place is amazing, but was a little too windy while we were there.

Samarria got a couple quick tricks before we got on the road.

Last minute detur to visit Alex White and her new baby.

Meet Henry!

The next morning we finished our drive to San Jose and met up with Jessie Van Roechoudt and Elizabeth Nitu.

Jessie Van Roechoudt.

Elizabeth Nitu is all grown up!

Next we went to check out the Skate It Up girls bowl contest at the Lake Cunningham Skatepark.

The small bowls looked like so much fun!

Patty Fung and Jessie Van Roechoudt.

Patty Fung.

Abby Zsarnay.

I was planning on filming the contest, but after I saw there was a good amount of people documenting it and Evelyn Abad filming as well we decided to take the car load of eager street skaters to a few more spots.

Quick stop to Sunnyvale.

Elizabeth Nitu at one of the spots she was able to navigate us to.

Miss Giggles.

Vanessa Bonilla noseslide.

Trip was way too short, but a lot of fun.