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Mimi On “The Wedding Band” Set

When I heard Mimi Knoop got a gig as a “Skater Bride” on a new TV show The Wedding Band I jumped at the chance to document the day.

We got to the studio mid afternoon and had a chance to check out all the sets.  Really interesting stuff and cool to see the behind the scenes.  It is mind blowing how much time, money and people go into making one 30 minute segment!

Mimi getting fitted for her wedding dress.  Some last minute alterations were needed to make it skateable.

Impressive ramp considering it was built for 1 day use by set designers who googled “ramp design” on the internet.

Another one of the sets.

Hair and makeup time.

Almost 10 hours later finally ready to start shooting the skate scene.

The wedding party in full wardrobe.

It was a very long day, but I had a good time and loved getting a chance to see what goes into making a TV show.  Thanks for inviting me Mimi!

Keep an eye out for the show which is set to premiere this summer on TBS.