Girls Skate Network

Sadie Hawkins Invitational

Due to the dwindling amount of events for the ladies the crew behind Something Great Purple decided they would make something happen themselves and organized a fun Sadie Hawkins themed session at the Channel St. Skatepark in San Pedro, CA. Event organizer Lizie Armanto and Amy Caron having agood time.

Co-oraganizer Allysha Bergado getting pizza supplies ready.  Lizzie and Allysha did a great job getting the event together, only downside was they didn’t have time to skate themselves.  Dislike!

Baloons, streamers and good vibes all around.

Amy Caron backside disaster.

Nichole King carves as a train passes by.

Caroline Dynybil from Czech Republic was in town for the weekend and skated non-stop.

Amy Caron and Caroline Dynybil.

Julz Lynn Kindstrand shreds anything concrete.

Vanessa Torres sliding over the bump.

Caroline Dynybil getting vertical.

Vanessa Torres stylish back smith.