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MahfiaTV | Real Talk Ep. 3: Zorah Olivia

Originally from Baltimore, Zorah started shooting photos for MAHFIA.TV 2 years ago and has quickly become one of the top photographers in the women’s skate community. Her down to earth personality, work ethic, hustle and willingness to jump in and go for it is insanely inspiring. Learn her story and find out how she took her dreams and turned them into reality.

ABOUT “Real Talk” is a pilot series of live-streamed Q&A Sessions with female leaders, makers and pioneers in the skateboarding community. Each episode will feature different guests including pro skaters, business owners, artists, advocates,  photographers, and filmers — women who found their own path and created something valuable in the face of no agreement. We’ll get to tackle real questions discussing the good and the bad, the ups and downs, the wins and losses — including the joy, sorrow and beauty in the journey … you are invited to join us!