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Boardly | Cara-Beth Burnside

For this episode of Boardly, we meet up with Cara-Beth Burnside, better known as CB, a trailblazing skateboarder and snowboarder. Burnside was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Thrasher in 1989, and became the first woman to have a signature skate shoe in 1999. At 35, CB was named Transworld Magazine’s Female Skateboarder of the Year.

Throughout her career, Burnside has won 16 titles, including two X Games gold medals, five Vans Triple Crown titles, and four All Girls Skate Jam titles.

Burnside is also a vocal advocate for women and inclusivity in action sports. In 2005, she founded Action Sports Alliance to increase professional opportunities for young women in the sports arena. “I just want to make cool things happen,” she says. “If I can be the force behind helping other girls get to where they need to be.. that makes me feel good.”

Boardly is a video series that spotlights women from all walks of life who share one thing in common: a passion for skateboarding that has shaped who they are in equally different, yet unique ways. Each episode seeks to offer a distinct perspective on the ways women can get involved in the artform.

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